Negotiation Advisory Services

3P provides three types of negotiation advisory services:

  1. Lead the negotiation on behalf of our client.
  2. Support and coach your firm, from start to finish of the negotiation.
  3. Lastly, and the most thorough of our negotiation advisory services would have our team dive deep into your past and present negotiations using the 3P approach to negotiations: Proven, Probable, Potential. We will analyze your current negotiations strategies based on proven behaviors to identify your strengths and resolve your weaknesses. Once proven behaviors and strategies have been identified, we establish your probable outcome of success by understanding your goals from the negotiation,  economic model (or other), value assumptions, walk away point, existing quality of the relationship with the party or parties and what tactics and demeanor should be used. From that point, we determine a go forward strategy that will maximize your potential in current and future negotiations.  

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Business Advisory Services

    3P provides clients with project management and or facilitation services.


Professional Development Workshops

 3P offers professional development workshops to prepare you and your business for success in:  

  • Negotiations 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Networking

Our workshops are fully customized to each client's business and professional development needs. By tailoring these sessions around industry specific research and relevant case studies, these workshops will arm you with critical tools and techniques needed to give you an edge in future negotiations, conflict resolution, and strategic networking.  

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