About Us

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin


3P Energy Consultants provides Negotiation Advisory Services for those wanting negotiation support, leadership or a more in-depth analysis of their firms current negotiation strategies. Our Business Advisory Services offer project management and facilitation services to fit your needs. For those looking for less in-depth support, 3P's Professional Development Workshops focussed on negotiations, strategic networking and conflict resolution. 


We want you to get the most value out of your negotiation, period. Think of 3P as your strong, neutral third party viewing your transaction, organizational restructuring, shareholder dispute or internal departmental rift through an unbiased lens. We provide you with options, a playbook based on each of those options, and from there, you decide what works best for you. 

Where advisory services are not we required or warranted, we provide professional development workshops focussed on:

- Negotiations

- Conflict Resolution

- Strategic Networking 

We focus on these three topics because we truly believe that networking is your gateway to opportunity, conflict resolution is your vehicle to solutions and negotiations are your means to unveiling value.